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Service Entrance & Poleline Hardware Products

Service Entrance Products

Meter Sockets & Accessories – Service Masts & Accessories – Grounding – Safety Switches – Industrial Buss Duct – Enclosures – Commercial/Industrial – Custom Fabrication

Poleline Hardware Products

Transmission – Distribution – Utility Products – Communication Hardware – Grounding Equipment

When you think of Service Entrance and Poleline Hardware Products, you can count on Hydel’s 50 years of service and engineering to the utility residential, commercial and industrial markets.

The Hydel customer service team is continually striving to improve stock availability, accessibility to information and technical assistance.

Hydel Products are approved and tested before leaving our modern design and manufacturing facility in Vaughan. Hydel Enterprises will strive to constantly improve the quality and delivery of our products to our customers. We will perfect our products to the highest level of acceptance within the industry which will benefit our customers, employees and owners.

Hydel products are built to meet or exceed CSA industry standards. Whether it be design with CAD software, CNC equipment for shearing, punching and bending operations, or the modern powder coat paint line, Hydel ensures these standards are met every step of the way.

Design & Engineering, Fiber Laser Cutting, CNC Brake Press Forming and Custom Finishing

Design & Engineering / Prototyping

Idea Generation, Concept Development, Engineering, and CAD Drawings

Fiber Laser Cutting

Metal Stamping and Metal Blanking – Roll Forming and Shearing – Embossing and Cut to Length – Press braking and Pinning – Punching, Notching and Assembly – Welding (TIG welding, MIG welding, spot welding)

CNC Brake Press Forming

Bending – Punching

Custom Finishing

Inhouse Powder Coating – Anodizing – Plating – Wet Painting

Circa Metals is a full-service sheet metal fabrication shop located in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. With our 99,000 square foot facility equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, allows us to tackle jobs both big and small. Circa Metals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Circa Enterprises, is ISO 9001:2015 and CWB 47.1 certified.

With customers in a wide variety of industries, Circa Metals provides a wide range of services including product design, sheet metal fabrication, structural welding, and assembly processes. We encourage our customers and those interested in our services to visit our facility as often as they like. We deliver high quality, finished products in a timely manner.

Surge Protection & Wired Products, Custom Cable Manufacturing and Connectivity Products & Parts

Surge Protection & Wired Products Manufacturing

Cable Assemblies – Connectors – Adapters – Computer Networking Components – Custom Cable Products – RF Coaxial Cables – Lightning & Surge Protectors – NEMA Rated Enclosures

Custom Cable Manufacturing for OEM

Connectivity Products and Parts (Online Store)

CircaMax is a leader in providing connectivity solutions to the information technology, telecommunication and data communication industries in North America.

CircaMax has over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing custom wired connectivity products. CircaMax’s manufacturing facilities can build just about every type of copper or fiber cable assembly as well as custom connectors, adapters, RF amplifiers, surge protectors, NEMA enclosures and more.

CircaMax also manufactures, markets, and sells surge protection and related equipment to the telecommunications industry in the United States and Canada. Its products provide primary protection against voltage surges to telephone systems and other data transmission systems.

CircaMax is ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. We leverage a Quality Management System to maintain process and component excellence and adhere to strict standards. Our manufacturing facilities can build custom products in large or small volumes depending on your needs.

CircaMax prides ourselves in delivering superb connectivity solutions to our customers while maintaining an unmatched level of service. Our commitment to providing our customers not only with exceptional and innovative products at competitive prices, but also an outstanding customer service experience is what distinguishes CircaMax from the competition. We want you to know we value you as a customer and your satisfaction is our priority. We work with you to help your business run smoothly.

Rugged Telephone, PA/GA, Page/Talk and Talk/Back Products

Page / Talk Systems

Talk / Back Systems

Public Address / General Alarm (PA/GA) Systems

Acoustic Booths

Guardian Enclosures & Accessories

Ringers & Loudspeakers

Guardian Telecom designs, builds and commissions PA/GA, Page/Talk, Telephone and Talk/Back paging systems, from the relatively straight forward to the complex. Designed and built from the ground up, each system takes into account environmental factors, noise levels, existing equipment, timelines and budgets.

Each product is fully integrated “ruggedized” high performance telecommunications equipment for non-hazardous, hazardous, Class I Division 1, Class I Division 2 and other hardened equipment applications needed around the globe. Our tough and rugged phones, systems, enclosures and IP telecommunications equipment are properly certified and manufactured specifically for the industrial and commercial markets.

Harsh environments, extreme elements, critical infrastructure, and safety-critical and mission-critical applications call for rugged and reliable solutions. Guardian Telecom has the answer.

With our industry leading 3-year warranty, no one can match our workmanship and reliability. Guardian Telecom products are built from the ground up to work with unmatched reliability and last – even in the roughest weather, toughest applications and most extreme environments.

Simply put, Guardian Telecom products are built rugged, tough, and dependable to last in the harshest industrial conditions in the world. Our products are built for absolute reliability for maximum uptime.

Voice and Data Telecommunications over Wireless  Infrastructure

Teletics is a specialized telecommunications equipment manufacturer of voice and data telecommunications over wireless with fully Monitored Wireless VoIP and WIFI Infrastructure for Explosive and Corrosive Industrial Environments. Our reputation is based on designing robust communications equipment that provides extremely reliable operation in some of the harshest environments.

Alarm Reporting & Control Solutions

ProTalk alarm reporting units are an integral part of any hazard mitigation plan.

Unforeseen equipment failures and site emergencies can impact operating costs and continuity of service. Avoid costly downtime and disasters by providing your key personnel with early notification of trouble conditions with your critical equipment. Designed to operate in the harshest of North American climates, these units notify designated contacts of alarm conditions using radio, landline or cellular communication. Accessible via phone or text, users can acknowledge alarms, enable relays, program and interrogate the unit, all without going to site.

Analog or Digital, Landline or Cellular, Standalone or Integrated – ProTalk alarm reporting units are designed for the utmost in versatility. Unique site identification and full-length user-recordable messages for each alarm input and relay output ensure all pertinent information is relayed. Although suitable for the most complex systems, ProTalk alarm reporting units are easy to install and simple to program. Remote site monitoring is easy and affordable with the ProTalk line of alarm reporting units.

BE Connected

Reduce operating costs and mitigate service disruptions at your industrial facility by staying connected to the site at all times. Watch for changes in sensor arrays or PLCs, security breaches, tank levels or flow rates, failures of equipment or power sources.

BE Informed

Real-time callouts keep you informed about critical alarm events. No answer? No problem! Notifications continue using a stored call list until acknowledged. Receive notifications via voice calls, SMS text, email, public address system or two-way radio.

BE In Control

With the touch of a button, you can acknowledge alarms, control relays, interrogate inputs and make program changes. Call, text or access the optional webpage. Remote access keeps you in control from anywhere at any time.

Remote Terminal Equipment & Network Management

Since 1985, Westronic has designed, manufactured and delivered intelligent network monitoring and alarm management solutions to telecommunications, utility, cable, outside plant, OEM and system integrators.

Our technology works.

When your network or network infrastructure has issues, you need to know. Westronic RTUs have served the critical alarming needs of every major North American telecom company for the past 40 years. Our reliability and ease of installation and configuration are second to none and we stand by this by offering a lifetime of technical support.

Westronic remote alarm monitoring and control solutions enable distributed notification via TL1, SNMP and web browser. Other features include analog, discrete and serial alarm collection, and legacy protocol translation.

Industry professionals recognize Westronic’s product line as being easy to install, operate and maintain, as well as being innovative and technically advanced.

Westronic is proud to have provided its products and services to every major telecommunications company in North America, as well as many others around the world.

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